Vector Finance


Corporate and strategy models.

Management tools

Supporting your critical decision making.

Corporate finance

Manage your model risk and have confidence in your critical decision making for your next transaction.

Funds, acquisitions, valuations, mergers, portfolios and capital restructurings demand rigorous financial modelling architecture and quality to ensure an optimum outcome for stakeholders.


Management analysis

Streamline your management reporting with increased confidence and efficiency in your spreadsheets. Monthly reporting, board papers and bank covenant reporting all demand reliable, trustworthy and operationally robust spreadsheets - solutions which Vector can design and develop for you in Excel, VBA or a cloud based Anaplan platform.


Application development

In situations with high transactional data volumes, simultaneous users, security, many dimensions or integration with other technologies, spreadsheets are not always the best tool for the job.

Vector can develop your application in .Net ("dot net"), from framing the business problem through to on-going support.

Financial model risk is faced by all Directors, Boards and shareholders; it manifests itself throughout the decision making and reporting process including; material errors, key-person reliance through to an inability to produce accurate and essential analysis on-demand. At the heart of managing this risk is your organisation demanding more from its financial modelling; a key differentiator of high-performance teams and the hallmark of our clients.

Strategic investment or cashflow focussed transactions are high-risk events which demand clarity and confidence in the financial model. It is all too often developed on the fly, by various users, in ad hoc ways leading to unsatisfied stakeholders, expensive model audits and inevitably material errors. Delivered exclusively by the Principals, applications range of industry sectors for medium and large enterprises including ASX top 20 listed companies.
  • Valuations and capital raising;
  • Restructuring, acquisition or divestments;
  • Credit ratings; and
  • Cashflow management situations.

Project and structured finance modelling requires an intimate understanding of how credit teams and key contracts work. I’ve worked with Nick since 2004 and have witnessed his approach to modelling work on many transactions. During this time I relied upon Nick to be a trainer and mentor to my own teams. You can’t beat his experience combined with his dedication to this complicated area of finance. You will enjoy working with Nick. 

Kai Preugschat, Head of Co-Financing, Asian Development Bank. Formerly Secretary General Berne Union, Head of Export Finance UniCredit
Vector's approach ensures your management reporting is world-class. A high-performance business requires regular and professionally presented reporting and corporate governance demands accuracy, timeliness and a consistent framework. It is often business-as-usual that these critical processes are obfuscated by a suite of poorly designed and under-maintained spreadsheets.

Vector can support you in a wide range of situations:
  • Operational and KPI performance tracking;
  • Cashflow management;
  • Budgeting and financial reporting;
  • Stock and physical management;
  • Databases and manipulation; and
  • Integration with live market pricing and back-end systems.

Vector helped us create a financial model that not only helped us with our investment fundraising round, but also helped us to gain key insights into our business that ultimately changed our thinking quite significantly.

Quite simply, we now use the Vector model to run our business.

I wish I had met Ben and Nick a year earlier!

Ron Novak, President, Caring Villages
Vector has the unique capability of delivering enterprise applications with features not possible in Excel. This approach is incredibly powerful considering the demands of Sarbanes-Oxley and modern coprorate governance.

Vector can develop a native application in .Net for specific situations requiring, for example, the handling of large multi-dimensional data, automation, data management, system integration, version audibility and security - often essential but overlooked features.

Vector can develop native applications for any commercial purpose and includes but isn't limited too:
  • FX and currencies;
  • Hedging and treasury management;
  • Stock and order tracking;
  • Monitoring and trading; and
  • Automation and security.