With Alpha Spreadsheet Engineering, Vector, Nick Crawley once again raises the bar in financial modelling, with emphasis on quality and stakeholder engagement.

Financial modelling is an error prone, seldom linear process. At the heart of Alpha is the rigour and process of Output Led Design and Test Driven Development - well proven in the world of software development and digital production. This method turns the traditional spreadsheet development approach on its head - starting by designing the output and then working with key stakeholders on an iterative basis ensuring co-design and ownership of the final model. This approach ensures that by the end of Vector's assignment the client has a full understanding and appreciation of the mechanics and capability of the model.

Vector's elegant approach is to harness the power of Excel, using sophisticated functionality sparingly, within a consistent, clearly laid out and well narrated structure. No black boxes and no "clunkiness".

Harnessing Alpha, Vector ensures Continuous Client Engagement optimising:

  • Stakeholder satisfaction;
  • Delivery time and resources by flushing out roadblocks early;
  • Continuous client engagement - rather than delivery of a single 'big version';
  • Model transparency and sophistication;
  • Model consistency and professional presentation; and
  • Model quality and ability to check / review / audit.

As a methodology it is my strongest yet because it puts the client requirements first. It adopts solutions and processes found in other technically challenging, fluid and client facing industries such as software development, digital production and engineering. We drew on the already well reputed approach I had developed over the last 20 years, including SMART, broke it down, questioned everything as we rebuilt it and then embedded strong technical and agile management processes.

I wish I had created Alpha years ago - it would have made the world of difference.

Nick Crawley, Principal
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