Mining is a sophisticated and analytically challenging field. Nick has built, managed, audited and directed countless financial models in this sector, including some of the most well known and challenging to finance. As a Project Finance banker Nick has structured mine financings in Australia and Asia; and as such has been on-site and underground. Nick has a unique insight of the requirements of a lender and understands their perspective and expectations of the project finance analysis. Nick has developed numerous project finance models incorporating often challenging mechanisms including:
  • Cost over-runs and delay events;
  • Multiple mining plans;
  • Above ground / underground phases;
  • Complex processing and stockpiling process;
  • Sophisticated debt size optimisation;
  • JORC reserve tail sized borrowing base facilities (inc. RLCR);
  • Multiple currencies and PRI; and
  • Commodity price flexibility, reversion and hedging.

Mining, from exploration through to operations and processing, is a highly quantitative area. Many projects are only feasible with highly refined mining plans and specific commodity price environments -  as such flexible timing is essential for stakeholders to identify cashflow bottlenecks that would affect a financing. Performed correctly this is huge asset; not so results in a terrible headache for all stakeholders!

Nick Crawley, Principal.

Vector develops all project finance models using Alpha Spreadsheet Engineering, which focusses on Test Driven Development and Continuous Client Engagement - this means no surprises and a brilliant model.

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