Responsibility charter

We only work on assignments with a clearly identifiable net socio-environmental benefit. We respect the Equator Principles as issued by the World Bank and explicitly do not work with:  

  • Projects with an unacceptable environmental pollution or risk (i.e: chemical fracking, mining in environmentally sensitive locations)
  • Agribusinesses involved with the production of animals for food
  • Projects which do not integrate with or develop local communities
  • Projects which cause de-forestation or threathen fragile environmental habitats - such as Palm Oil, Pulp mills
  • Brown coal power projects

With specific reference to the Natural Resources industry we do not work on projects we assess as being developed below (our) acceptable standards; including but not limited to

  • a clear environmental management and rehabilitation plan; and 
  • positive local community engagement, development and where appropriate employment

Making a difference

From August 1st 2017 Vector proudly donates 2% of revenue to charity; thats 10% - 20% of profit. Our focus is the empowerment of communities through projects which support health, education, entrepreneurship and opportunities for women and children - at home and abroad. We are not a Charity or a registered Foundation and we do not claim to be Fund Raising. We do not add anything to our invoices to make up for this donation. We will provide updates on the difference we are making on our blog under "Vector" and will share on Linkedin. For the avoidance of doubt we do not donate to causes that 
  • Do not meet our standards on effectiveness (i.e: have high overheads, are not transparent in their reporting);
  • Are faith based - with the exception of the Australian Red Cross; or
  • Could reasonably have links to Terrorism, Money Laundering or Organised Crime.
It's quite simple, we donate money in a structured way to good causes.