Vector Finance

Forensic attention to detail

20 years of auditing transaction models.

People focussed

Working within your team to drive great outcomes.

Model review

Nick co-founded Corality and has been performing, managing or arranging Model Audits for 20 years. All work is performed by Vector's Principals -  nothing is outsourced to off-shore centres or performed by juniors.


Expert witness

Call us if you need a professional and independent perspective as part of a dispute. Nick has been called upon by Australia's top law firms to settle disputes around contract modelling and interpretation. 


Team support

Vector can provide ad hoc, hands-on financial modelling support, advice or co-ordination particularly when dealing with investment banks, model audits, accounting firms or that big board moment.

Nick Crawley is the founder of one of the world's largest model audit companies and as is available to review your model. Show him a model and he will show you the errors! All work is performed by Principals and can be tailored to fit budget, timetable and requirements. A Vector Review is ultimately flexible, have us spend a day providing a high level assessment or go all the way by applying a full suite of model audit tools and processes. Importantly we can do what 'tools' can't such as pick up errors in the interpretation of the commercial or financial documentation. A Vector Review is a brilliant investment ahead of a full model audit.

A Vector Review can do everything an expensive Model Audit can but can also step-back and provide a helpful report on how your model can be improved by your own team. Vector can perform the full range of processes that constitute a Model Audit service - including:
  • Unique cell identification and interrogation;
  • Cell mapping errors;
  • Agreement to documentation;
  • Redundant, erroneous links and names;
  • Scenario analysis; and
  • File comparisons. 

I've witnessed Nick's work since 2001, he has forged a brutal reputation for finding those errors everybody else will miss!

As an Investment Banker I appreciate that modelling errors can be easily made and missed in the heat of a transaction; even by seasoned analysts. I recommend any transaction team to call on Nick's incredible experience to help them smooth out any wrinkles in their analysis regardless of how far through a process or who else is involved. A powerful risk mitigant.

Jay Hipolito, Managing Director Scotia Bank (Australia) - fomerly Investment Banking JPMorgan.
Expert witness work in financial modelling requires a combination of an appreciation of the required mathematical conditions combined with knowing what could be reasonably expected in the real world. Nick, as a professional,  has relied upon models as a banker, built models and audited models - hundreds of times. If your situation is a financial and commercial, involves a spreadsheet based financial model and requires the opinion of a qualified, balanced and respected, professional - Nick is your perfect choice. 

For the best part of the last decade I have relied upon Nick as a trusted advisor for all things financial modelling - and continue to do so. He has applied his honest and commercially minded approach time and time again to a wide range of strategic, valuation, budgeting and management models.

With Alpha Spreadsheet Engineering, Vector has solved the holy grail of model design, development, delivery and quality.

Michael Bradburn, Chief Financial Officer, AusGrid
Viva Energy (Shell Australia), Brisbane Airport Corporation
Vector is here to support in a wide range of circumstances when you need additional specialist skills on your team. Vector's principals are able to step in to assist with anything related to analysis in your organisation, this can include:
  • Informal review and assessment of a third party model;
  • Management of a model audit process;
  • Assistance with designing a model that will be built internally;
  • Support working with investment banks; and
  • Assessment of the spreadsheets used in Board Reporting.

“As a Chairman I demand absolute professionalism and confidence in our partners – Nick and Ben deliver this in a friendly, energetic and refreshing manner. Nick’s experience as a Board Director is evident when he communicates to senior stakeholders. I relied upon Nick to present at a Board Meeting; his assuring, professional and calm style gave my Board the same confidence in the modelling process as I had.”

Jim McKerlie, Chairman, Manalto
  Cloud based media management business with operations in USA, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia and Europe.