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Project Finance modelling

Project finance modelling is in our DNA. Nick Crawley, acclaimed founder of Navigator Project Finance / Corality and author of SMART, has been developing, testing and training in project finance models for over 20 years as a consultant and banker.


Enterprise business modelling

We pride ourselves on delivering elegant and sophisticated solutions to your analytical challenges. We develop tools using Excel, VBA, Anaplan and .Net and success is ensured through our rigorous methodology, Alpha Spreadsheet engineering.


Independent review and advice

Nick founded Corality, one of the world's most successful model audit companies. Working with Vector, you can directly access that critical technical and transactional experience ahead of an important decision. If you need an expert opinion - we are here to help.


Alpha spreadsheet engineering

Alpha is our financial modelling methodology.
It is a fusion of Nick's obsession developing world-class models with Ben's professional programming rigour. Alpha is an agile process resulting in lean, elegant and sophisticated financial models.

If you are developing or financing a major project then, flexible cashflow analysis is critical; the hallmark of a smooth transaction is a transparent and robust financial model - ensuring stakeholder confidence. Greenfield development, brownfield expansion, credit ratings, tenders, complex debt structures and multi-phased operations are all business as usual for us.

All project financial models are developed, delivered and supported by the Principals.

Financial models are at the heart of major energy financings. I've worked with Nick since 2001 - his approach to project finance modelling has always ensured teams have both the best possible tool and confidence throughout the transaction. This is achieved through a focus on transparency, attention to detail and the sheer experience that Nick brings to the table.

Nick's reputation, amongst Australian financiers, for professionalism and skill is remarkable.

Jason Willoughby, Senior energy project financier.
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Our mission is to empower your decision making and reporting process with elegant solutions, whether you are heading into a transaction or just know there must be a better way to achieve your objective from strategic corporate merger or valuation to improved board and management reporting. Vector's methodology, Alpha Spreadsheet Engineering, brings the rigour of application development to the business modelling environment ensuring your analysis is robust, flexible and transparent - empowering all stakeholders.

Spreadsheets are incredibly powerful but are reputedly risky to use commercially because they can seem to work even when riddled with errors. For challenges with higher dimensions like treasury, contract, asset or stock management, spreadsheets are often forced to work but are not the best tool for the job. In this situation, we develop a tailor made native .Net application and can support you through maybe your first non- Excel analytical project.

For the best part of the last decade I have relied upon Nick as a trusted advisor for all things financial modelling - and continue to do so. He has applied his honest and commercially minded approach time and time again to a wide range of strategic, valuation, budgeting and management models.

With Alpha Spreadsheet Engineering, Vector has solved the holy grail of model design, development, delivery and quality. Fantastic.

Michael Bradburn, Chief Financial Officer, AusGrid
Previously Viva Energy (Shell Australia), Brisbane Airport Corporation
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Our sole objective is quality financial modelling and, being independently owned, Vector can partner with you in any situation where our opinion, advice or support can strengthen your team to get a deal across the line.  

Uniquely, Nick has managed or signed-off on $100B+ of financial model audits across all major industries, founded EY Sydney's Model Audit team and co-founded Corality, one of the world's most successful model audit companies. Unlike any other firm in the world, when you need an audit, you can now directly access this level of expertise.

More often than not, stakeholder value is maximised via a major overhaul of the financial model, rather than an audit, this is a fantastic opportunity to improve functionality, transparency, security, robustness and aligning key organisational models. We will give you the information to make an informed decision and support you through either process.

I've admired Nick's passion for financial modelling since 2001. In that time he has forged a brutal reputation for finding those errors everybody else will miss! As an Investment Banker I appreciate that modelling errors can be easily made and missed in the heat of a transaction; even by seasoned analysts. I recommend any team to call on Nick's incredible experience to help them smooth out any wrinkles in their analysis regardless of how far through a process or who else is involved. A powerful risk mitigant.

Jay Hipolito, Managing Director, Scotia Bank (Australia) - formerly Investment Banking JPMorgan.
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Introducing Alpha, Vector's financial modelling methodology. With Alpha, Nick once again raises the bar in financial modelling, this time taking on the essential requirements of quality and stakeholder engagement.

Alpha embraces proven concepts from the programming and professional production world. The key aspects are Output Led Design to ensure the client's objectives are fulfilled within the constraints of time and budget and Test Driven Development a philosophy which prioritises the inclusion and visibility of live error testing.

Our elegant approach is to harness the power of Excel, using sophisticated functionality as needed, within a consistent, clearly laid out and well narrated structure. No black boxes and no "clunkiness" resulting from over-simplification.

Developing a financial model is a fluid and holistic activity, considering many factors, stakeholder perspectives and real-world constraints; this is why we do not keep a client waiting for a single big delivery to understand and critique but instead spend overall less time influencing the structure through the development process.

Alpha starts by designing and prioritising the required analytical output and flexibility to suit the needs of all stakeholders. We then maintain their influence throughout the development process which harnesses Best Practice Financial Modelling. This results in more efficient, engaging and enjoyable delivery process - and critically no surprises or steep learning curves when one "big version" lands on their desk. 

It's how I would like things done if I were the client.

Nick Crawley, Principal
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