Project Finance Modelling

Vector is the evolution of Nick Crawley's obsession with elegant Project Finance Modelling and client service excellence. Nick has devoted his professional life to being an authority in all facets of Project Finance Modelling. Since 1995 Nick has been developing, auditing, managing, directing or training people to build great project finance models. In 2005, after a career in Project Finance lending and advisory, Nick founded acclaimed financial modelling consultancy Navigator Project Finance/Corality; successfully growing that firm to one of the most well regarded in the industry. During the last two decades Nick has been a critical part of the success of all aspects of Project Finance:

  • Complex multi-national financings;
  • Time pressured, multi-phased bids;
  • Credit ratings;
  • Structured project finance facilities;
  • Template solutions for project and contract screening;
  • Greenfield, brownfields, restructurings;
  • Mature asset acquisitons;
  • Innovative renewable energy projects; and
  • Developed and delivered the benchmark suite of project finance modelling training courses, globally.

In 2015, after 20 years of intensive modelling, Nick took a well-earned sabbatical on his 100 acre exotic fruit farm in Byron Bay and, as a professional Board Director, devoted a significant amount of charitable time to not-for-profit board work. During this time, he collaborated with programmers, risk management professionals, user experience specialists and other quality-driven teams to improve the development of the optimum financial model. This research and collaboration led to Alpha Spreadsheet Engineering; an Agile based methodology and process that incorporates Test Driven Development and harnesses the sophistication and transparency possible in Excel - ultimately ensuring robust analysis and stakeholder confidence.

Successful Project Finance Modelling requires a deep knowledge of the critical analysis and relationships underlying the key drivers of a project.

Due to Nick's extensive experience, he has an intimate appreciation of the focus and likely expectations of all stakeholders; part of this is knowing the tell-tale traits and fingerprints of often incredibly elusive errors.

Under our Corporate Responsibility Charter, Vector does not engage Projects with a clear negative socio-environmental impact. Vector is passionate about renewable energy and regularly supports the Australian Clean Energy industry as presenter and regular chair.


Benchmark Financial Modelling

Vector's hallmark is a project finance model which exceeds the demanding requirements of all stakeholders, especially lenders. At the heart of this service is knowing the benefits and drawbacks of different model architectures, a focus on flexibility and auditability whilst at the same time having the hands-on banking experience to rigorously understand transaction documentation. Typical engagements include greenfield developments, refinancings, tenders, portfolios, divestment and acquisition - model development, review or advice.

Agile Development Process

Flexibility is at the heart of Vector's approach to developing project finance models; delivering transparent, efficient, sophisticated financial models developed to meet the challenges of a transaction. Vector's project finance models are developed using Alpha Spreadsheet Engineering which is a quality and client focussed agile methodology. Alpha harnesses Test Driven Development and Continuous Client Engagement to ensure a smooth, reliable, transparent and flexible project finance model.