Transport and Infrastructure

Through Nick Crawley, Vector has extensive experience developing and auditing project finance models for financing, buying, selling, restructuring and valuing infrastructure assets, including:

  • Airports;
  • Container ports;
  • Tolled roads and tunnels;
  • Railways (airport links & mining infrastructure);
  • Energy transmission, storage and distribution; and
  • Hospitals and a wide range of social buildings.

Financial modelling of infrastructure projects involves sophisticated, multi-phase timing delay functionality, a thorough understanding of how to model sequential and multiple refinancings and numerous scenarios - more so than other sectors. Infrastructure projects usually require a formal model audit, and with every transaction cost being vital, it is essential the financial model is cost efficient to audit.

"Project and structured finance modelling requires an intimate understanding of how credit teams and key contracts work. I’ve worked with Nick since 2004 and have witnessed his approach to modelling work on many transactions. During this time I relied upon Nick to be a trainer and mentor to my own teams. You can’t beat his experience combined with his dedication to this complicated area of finance. You will enjoy working with Nick. 
Kai Preugschat, Head of Co-Financing, Asian Development Bank. Formerly Secretary General Berne Union, Head of Export Finance UniCredit

Vector develops all project finance models using Alpha Spreadsheet Engineering, which focusses on Test Driven Development and Continuous Client Engagement - this means no surprises and a sophsiticated but easy-to-use financial model.

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